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CNRA Tournament Calendar and Entry Forms/R2 Entry Links

The events below are the upcoming sanctioned tournaments. Sanctioning brings a number of benefits, including having the event listed here and on the event calendar of USA Racquetball. Many of the other ways that the CNRA can help with tournaments are explained on the page "Benefits of Sanctioning a Tournament".

Attention tournament directors: if you have your tournament applications in MS-Word, Excel or PDF format, e-mail them to and we will put them online for you here.

October 13–14, 2018: Fresno's Fundraiser - 'Fixing our Courts'
Fit Republic
Fresno, CA
TD: Nancy Feramisco
October 26–28, 2018: Dare 2 Dream Shootout
RYDF Fundraiser (Jr Dic Grant Prize Money)
TD John Ellis
November 17–18, 2018: Concord Turkey Shootout
Concord, CA
John Ellis/Jazmin Trevino
November 17, 2018: Dale & Todd's WTF 2018 (outdoor)
Arlington HS
Riverside, CA
December 01, 2018: West Lane Juniors Shootout
In-Shape West Lane
Stockton, CA 95210
(209) 472-2100 (Club)
Note: A U.S. Open viewiing Party to Follow!
December 08–09, 2018: RYDF A Season of Giving Fun-Raiser
Kim Randolph
December 15–16, 2018: Shootout of Champions
In-Shape Westlane
Stockton, CA
John Ellis
January 18–20, 2019: 2019 WSMRA 30th Annual National RB Championships
Athletic Society West Valley
Canoga Park, CA
Cindy Tilbury

Unsanctioned Tournaments/Events

The events listed below are not sanctioned by the USAR or CNRA, but are listed here as a service to our members and to help grow the sport as a whole. To have an event included, please contact the CNRA president. We encourage event organizers to learn about the many benefits of sanctioning.

October 14, 2018: WOR Shootout
October 20, 2018: Tournament House Shootout
Tournament House
Riverside, CA
Juan Diaz
December 01, 2018: Shootout
Tournament House
Riverside, CA
December 15, 2018: Meridian Shootout
No tournament information